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To the Class of 2013

Dear Students,

When you leave here, you actually will not visit “all the time.” You think you will, but you won’t. Nor should you. You should go out and have a wonderful life.

When you leave here, you should go to college. But you might not. Whatever happens, whatever path you take, may you ultimately find meaningful employment. May you see the world. May you discover wonderful things you have never done and do them. 

When you leave here, be safe. Please do not drink and drive. Please do not ride with people who have been drinking and driving. Please do not play with guys or carry guns with the intent of using them on other young humans. Please do not keep the kind of company who will advocate that you do these things. Please do not let yourself be hurt. You are precious.

When you leave here, fall in love, but let it be love that takes you forward, not holds you back. Do not give your heart away to someone who will not support you in changing and growing. Please entrust your affections only to those who respect you as much as they care about you.

When you leave here, please remember some of what we have taught you. Maybe you will not recall the rules governing misplaced modifiers or quadratic equations. Maybe you will not remember what year the U.S. finally entered World War II. Maybe you will not remember the symbol for lead from the Periodic Table of Elements. But I hope you will remember that no idea is perfect at first, that we edit, that we revise. I hope you will notice that history repeats itself and that this will cause you will fight for what you know is right. I hope you will remember that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When you leave here, go far. Go bravely. Go without regret. And go knowing how grateful we are to have had you here for a little while. To have known you while you were so young and earnest and passionate and funny.

Congratulations, Class of 2013!

We love you!


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